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Is your Canadian immigration application not getting through?

Are Canadian immigration policies too confusing?

Worried you may not be able to get your loved one to your new country because your sponsorship application was denied?

Call CADWAY IMMIGRATION at +1 (604)-250-3030 to put your application on the right track by helping you get the right documents and submit the paperwork correctly!


Why Choose Cadway Immigration?

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We went to school for this. IRCC does not deal with representatives that charge a fees but are not authorized with them,whether they are in CANADA or abroad. Your case may be returned or refused if such a consultant represents you. You may want to find us on the ICCRC Public Register to Verify our genuinity and authorization.


Ms. Puneet Brar is an RCIC, a regulated canadian immigration consultant (R707465) and is regulated by ICCRC,Canada's regulatory body for immigratIon consultants. She is a licenced member to practice Immigration in Canada. Your application is in capable hands.


We respond in 48 hours to your emails and submit your applications as soon as they are complete without causing any delay on our end. We value time. Both ours and yours!


We keep clients in loop with what is happening with their applications. For this, be sure to  get timely intimations through emails on every step and stay aware of what is going on with your application and payments throughout the process. If you wish to do your application by yourself and simply want us to assist you in doing so, we may have a package for you.


We serve clients all over the world. We believe in an effective and customized immigration strategy. Apart from the standardized documentation suggested by IRCC, we'll suggest additional case specific documentation to maximize your chances of success.


We feel you deserve to know the total cost of your application and services you will get before you commit with us,

so we disclose our fees and government fees in a manner that is simple and clear for you to understand.


Each case is unique and careful evaluation of your particular situation is essential by a qualified immigration professional. One of the best thing about our services is that the initial consultation amount gets fully credited towards future professional fees when you hire us to assist you. Does not apply to all- purpose consultations.


At Cadway, we develop effective Immigration strategy for each client individually. Aside from the standard documents requested by IRCC,

we will suggest additional case specific documentation which should be provided for your particular situation in order to maximise the chances of success.

Our Services

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Find out if you are eligible for an Express Entry Profile by filling our free evaluation form by clicking below.

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If you are married or in a common law relation ship with a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you are most likely to be eligible to apply. Start with an Initial Consultation.

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If you would like to apply for a work permit or extention,we are here to help!


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If you wish to Study in Canada, fill out our free assessment form and then book a consultation.

Licenses and Memberships
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Meet The Professional



I’m Puneet, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(RCIC), a registered and regulated member of the CICC(College of Immigration Consultants).

I have a Bachelors In Biotechnology. After I immigrated to Canada as a Permanent Resident, I went on to study the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to get licensed as a practitioner. Cadway Immigration Ltd. was eventually born. Here, at Cadway, the goal is to ensure your file is prepared keeping all legal aspects in mind, with special attention to detail. You can rest assured that you are getting honest opinion on your application along with efficient, ethical and transparent service and need not look any further. We specialise in Economic and Family Immigration Pathways including Express Entry, PNP's, Sponsorships, Study and Work Permits.

  • Who is an Authorized Representative? How can Cadway Immigration help me?
    Only authorized representatives are allowed to represent you in an immigration or citizenship application as well as communicate with the Government of Canada on your behalf. Puneet Brar is a licensed Canadian immigration consultant, a member of CICC in good standing and is authorized by the Canadian government to represent your interests in all immigration matters. You may choose to use an authorized immigration representative to act on your behalf for immigration, citizenship or temporary residence applications with: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), or Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Be aware, if you use an unauthorized representative, in Canada or abroad, IRCC may return your application or refuse it. Choose your representative carefully.
  • Do you accept cases from other countries or provinces?
    Yes, our immigration company assists clients from all countries regardless of the type of application.
  • How do I get Started?
    It depends on what you are looking for at this point. There are three options we offer based on your needs: 1) Contact Us Form (FREE) Takes less than 5 minutes to complete Assist with choosing right program(s) Assist with choosing right service(s) Pros: Free of charge Cons: No direct interaction with consultant Best for: People who are still undecided on program(s) they are looking for 2) Initial Consultation (Starting from $100.00+ GST(5%) ) Assess applicant’s eligibility Review eligibility questions Assist with choosing right program(s) as per your situation. Assist with choosing right service(s) Pros: Direct interaction with consultant; Lower consultation fee; Initial Consultation Credit Cons: Only 1 Initial Consultation is allowed per client; Does not include case specific questions, document review, consultation on paperwork as well as consultation on submitted or in progress applications Best for: People who want to ensure they are eligible for the program(s) before signing the retainer agreement with Cadway Immigration. 3) All Purpose Consultation (Starting from $250+GST (5%) Case specific questions Document review Both document and application related questions Available for both submitted and in progress applications Pros: No limitations on case specific questions; Document review is included; Cons: No initial consultation credit on 1-hour all-purpose consultation; Best for: People who are still undecided whether they need authorized representative, as initial consultation credit is still available; People who have already submitted their application or looking for in-depth document review before they submit it on their own.
  • Do you guarantee approval?
    No one can guarantee approval of your application, as final decision fully depends on immigration officer. Kindly avoid all kind of ghost consultants as well as unethical representatives who “guarantee results” or provide “success rates” to grab your attention. Here at Cadway Immigration, we put all our efforts in maximizing your chances of success. Reputation of our immigration company is extremely important to us.
  • Do you offer payment installments? What is your refund policy?
    Cadway Immigration Ltd. operates through trust account in accordance with CICC Trust Account Regulation. Clients are required to make full payment into Client Trust Account as per Section 5.1 of our retainer agreements. However, client funds will be withdrawn from Trust Account as per payment schedule identified in Section 6.2 of our retainer agreements. You may also refer to Section 7 (Refund Policy) and Section 12 (Termination) of our retainer agreements for more details.
  • Are you currently taking new cases?
    Yes, we are taking new cases as usual. RightWay Canada team is fully staffed and there are no delays in processing on our end. However, IRCC processing times are impacted nationally due to COVID-19, as a result of which processing of your application may be longer than usual. Thus, we strongly recommend to get started at earliest to avoid any further delays.
  • How Long does the application process take?
    Processing Time Before Submission: Usually it takes us up to 5 business days to review and submit application to IRCC once personalized document checklist is completed by clients. The overall process may take from 1 week to 6 months based on type of program as well as how fast client can gather all required documents. Processing Time After Submission: IRCC Application processing times vary depending on: Type of application Country of residence Canadian Visa Office Interview requirements Number of applications under consideration Please visit processing times tool for more details. Kindly note that IRCC processing times may be longer than usual due to COVID-19.
  • Can you assist me if I ever had any refusals?
    Yes. Statistically, more than 30% of our clients were refused at least once prior to retaining our services. However, an initial consultation is required to assess your individual situation and reasons of refusal to make sure we can take your case.
  • What can prevent me from coming to Canada?
    Some people are not allowed to enter Canada. The definition used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is “inadmissibility”. There are many reasons, why you may be refused entry to Canada: you are a security risk, you have committed human or international rights violations, you have been convicted of a crime, or you have committed an act outside Canada that would be a crime, you have ties to organized crime, you have a serious health problem, you have a serious financial problem, you lied in your application or in an interview, you do not meet the conditions in Canada’s immigration law, or one of your family members is not allowed into Canada. If you there is a valid reason why you have to travel to Canada, you may be issued a temporary resident permit. Please note a Canadian immigration officer will decide if you can enter Canada when you apply for a visa, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or when you arrive at a port of entry. Don’t wait until your visa is refused. If you or your dependent family member has an inadmissibility condition, contact our visa consultant today to discuss your options.
  • Is Government Application fees Included in your prices?
    Our prices include professional fees only. PST and GST may be applicable on top of that. Government fees and disbursements (translation services, medical insurance premiums, medical examination fees, language exam fees, international student admission fees, etc.) are paid directly to government or third parties. To check IRCC’s processing fees, please refer to their website.
  • If I retain your services, will I have access to my file through IRCC account after submission?
    In case of full representation, you will have no access to your application from IRCC Portal. All applications are submitted through IRCC Authorized Representative Portal rather than regular client portal. However, we update our clients on all IRCC notifications within 1 business day. Exceptions may apply in rare cases when prior documentation review is required by our team. Usually, that takes no longer than 3 business days.
  • How do I book an All-Purpose Consultation?
    Please Call us on +1(604)250-3030 and we will send you the bank details where you can directly transfer the money. Currently we do not have a direct option available for this.
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