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Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and registered Indians can bring their loved ones to Canada by sponsoring them. Eligible members of this class include:
–  spouse
–  common-law partner
–  conjugal partner
–  dependent child

-  an adopted minor
–  parent
–  grandparent
–  orphaned minor sibling, grandchild, niece, nephew
–  any other relative if the sponsor doesn’t have any of the above listed relatives alive; nor a living aunt or uncle.

There are different processes and requirements involved in sponsoring each one of them. We have highlighted the most distinct ones for you below :

- Spouse/Common Law/conjugal Partner : You do not need to prove any minimal income requirements. However, the visa officer needs to be convinced of your relationship's legitimacy. Your partner may have a dependent child and he can be sponsored too (but not if the dependent child has a dependent chil)

-Dependent Child: As long as your child meets the definition of dependent child,you do not need to prove minimum income requirements.

Adopted Minor : you do not need to meet minimal income requirements as long as the adopted person is minor.

Parents/Grandparents : You must be able to prove the minimum income requirements in order to sponsor your parents and grandparents for the last three consecutive years.

Any other: meeting minimal income is necessary.

There are other different requirements, restrictions and undertaking timelines for all the sponsorship categories mentioned above. Please fill our assessment form to see if you qualify or book an appointment with CADWAY IMMIGRATION LTD.

Note: There is a supervisa for parents and grandparents which is discussed in the Visit category.

We know how it feels to live without family in Canada. If you think you are eligible, lets find out for sure. Maybe its time to get them. Leave to message to book an appointment.

Got Questions? Start with an Initial Consultation                    or Call +918080854333

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