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Benefits of applying with us:

We are a boutique immigration consultancy and take pride in client services. We understand how important this is for you, how stressful the process can get, and how important it becomes to have someone by your side to rely on. We are that someone that can take you through the entire process while holding your hand and minimizing your stress by doing everything as it should be done and keeping you informed. Oh! But we don't charge like a boutique firm. We are trying to make Immigration affordable.

We went to school for this! And cleared professional exams.

Ms. Brar, has consistently scored high grades and stayed one of the class toppers throughout her education.

Ms. Brar is a competent Member of ICCRC, the regulatory body for Canadian Immigration Consultants that regulates Canadian Immigration Consultants. WE ARE ANSWERABLE.

We stick with you. We are here for you!

You will require further help and services in the future after you come to Canada. We may be able to offer you discounts upto 25% on the services if you did your initial application with us.

Secondly,there is a lot of confusion as one moves to a new country and its good to have someone to trust.  While you will have to go through life alone, we may sometimes be able to help you with with initial settlement guidance, refer you to the right kind of service institutuions,as per your need, to the extent humanely possible. We do not charge for this !

student direct stream

For students who are legal residents of India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam and Senegal, there is the Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program. It's ideal as it has the benefit of processing the student applications in as fast as 20 calender days. So, even if you dont have too much time in hand, there's nothing to fret. Additionally, if you are bringing dependents, their student or work permits,including visitor visa also gets faster processing.

However, you must be living in one of the above mentioned countries. Even if you are a citizen but live elsewhere, it renders you ineligible to apply under this stream. But then again, there's Regular study permit application process that is readily available for you. For more information on this, please consult with Cadway Immigration or chat with us from the dialogue box at the bottom right corner of this page.

To apply under SDS, You require the following conditions to be met;

  • Applicants must live outside Canada at the time of application

  • Acceptance letter from a designated learning institution in Canada

  • Valid academic qualification proof.

  • Copy of the medical exam confirmation document.

  • GIC from one of Canada’s participating banks of $10,000. A GIC is a Canadian investment that has a guaranteed rate of return for a fixed period of time. (This money gets paid to you monthly while studying to help with your living expenses)

  • Proof that you’ve paid the tuition fee for the first year of study in Canada.

  • Test results that prove atleast intermediate proficiency in English or French (CLB7)

  • The Online application cost for SDS application is $150



  • Complete the application form

  • Online Submission of the application

  • Biometrics

  • On the approval of the application a letter of introduction is issued which needs to be shown to the officer when you arrive in Canada                                     Or

  • An electronic travel authorization or a visitor visa (temporary resident visa), depending on the country you are from.





Regular student stream

This is a wonderful and straightforward pathway as well.

The system is transparent and you need the following documentation:

-Valid passport or travel document.

-Acceptance letter from a designated learning institution.

-Proof of financial support including enough money to pay for tution,living and return travel expenses for the student and family members(if applicable).

-Police certificate and medical examination might be required.

For any further queries,please book a consultation with CADWAY Immigration Ltd.

Services we offer:

  • Help you select a college.

  • Get you an acceptance letter From the DLI most suitable to you.

  • Apply for your study permit.

  • Guide you with medicals and biometrics process and any other specific case related requirements.

  • Hand you over your documents(study permit, TRV with college accpetance) and congratulations!

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