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You may require the following services offered by us while studying in Canada or after having completed your course.

  1. Study Permit Extension: Its important to apply before it expires. ICCRC recommends to do this 30 days before the expiry date of your study permit.

  2. Visitor Visa Extension: The above rules apply to this as well. Also, please make sure to extend your visitor visa,if needed, if you plan to travel during your study period as its necessary to have a valid visa upon entry into Canada during your return.

  3. Work permit/extension:You may be eligible for an on or off campus work permit. Find out if you are.

  4. Post Graduation Work Permit: If you have successfully completed your studies in Canada and kept up with all the requirements,you are most likely eligible to apply for a post graduation work permit.

  5. Restoration of Status: Please contact at the earliest if you have lost your status. If not done in time, you run the risk of deportation if you continue to stay in Canada without a status.

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