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What is a Canada express entry profile?

An express entry (EE) is an online immigration application system. Through this people wishing to wish to become skilled immigrants can submit their profiles for the same. Eventually, candidates with the highest number are also welcome to become permanent residents.

A Canadian citizen application is liable under the express entry profile. In general, the express entry applications are done within six months or less than it. Hence, it is considered to be the fastest and quite popular for getting permanent residence in Canada.

People know Canada express entry as the super visa Canada too. Approximately Canada welcomes an average of 110000 skilled people through the Canada express. Thus, apply for the Canadian pr quite easily.

The Canada express entry profile consists of the three important federal economic programs: -

· Federal skilled worker (FSW)

· Federal skilled trades (FST)

· Canadian experience class (CEC)

Eligibility for the express entry

People who possess the university or college degrees, and possess skilled work experience are liable for express entry. In inclusion to this having moderate proficiency in English or French makes you eligible for becoming express entry candidates.

Requirements for the express entry

Besides having a skillful degree in your hand, you also need to meet the other vital requirements too. They are as follows: -

· Minimum one-year experience in the past 10 years in any of the skilled profession

· Need to pass out the language test namely, "Canadian language Benchmark (CLB)". A minimum score of seven is at least required for it.

· Completed the post-secondary education which can be evaluated through the Canadian standards. An educational credential assessment is being done for this.

A person applying through the express entry needs to full fill the above requirements. But it doesn't guarantee that your file has been accepted for permanent residence. Only candidates with a strong profile are going to be selected in this whole process.

In general, you don't require any kind of job offer for applying through express entry. In most cases, the candidates don't possess a formal Canadian job offer.

The total duration of the express entry

Its total procedure shall take only six months only. This does involve the submission of the express entry profile to the issuing of the permanent resident visa. Interestingly not all cases get the process in such a short period.

A candidate's express entry profile is active for one year. In case you don't receive the permanent residence invitation then you need to re-apply for it again.

Process of the express entry

It is a simple two-step process involving minimum technicalities. Below is a detailed explanation of the process. You need to require the below documents: -

· Language test results

· Educational credential assessment report

· A passport or travel document

Post submission of the above documents you shall receive the invitation to apply for a Canadian residency. In addition to it, you shall also require to submit all the vital identity proofs to the Canadian embassy too. An immigration consultant surrey may help you with the whole procedure.

Due to the involvement of the technicities in the whole process, you might need professional help. You may contact and take the help of Cadway Immigration for the same. They have good years of experience and help their clients most humbly.

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