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Is a permanent resident card permanent?

A permanent resident possesses legal rights to live permanently in Canada. But you must know that that doesn't make the person a citizen of Canada. They are given the status of a permanent resident who has migrated to Canada.

So, if you are staying there temporarily and living, they're as a student or foreign worker then it doesn't make you a permanent resident of Canada. There is also a super visa in Canada which is a multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries for around 10 years.

There is a slight difference between the super visa and the permanent visa. A super visa does allow the individual to stay for up to two years at a time in Canada while a permanent visa has 10-year multiple entries having a status period for each entry of six months only.

Refugees settled in Canada

Similarly, the refugees who have been resettled from overseas by the government do become permanent residents of Canada. They are made permanent residents under the program namely "government-assisted refugee program" or "private sponsorship of refugees program".

Also, a refugee does not directly become a permanent resident of Canada. For this, they have to get approval from the refugee board for the same.

Permanent residents' card (PR)

There has been a steep increase in Canadian immigration. This card shows the status of your permanent resident in Canada. However, if you are traveling outside Canada and return to Canada then you are required to show the card and your passport while using any commercial vehicle.

In case you don't have a valid PR card or not carrying it then you may apply for the permanent resident travel document before your return to Canada.

Rights of the permanent residents of Canada

When a person applies for the Canadian PR then they are liable to the below privileges. They are as follows: -

· Posses the social benefits where they are liable for the health care coverage

· Do a job or study in any part of Canada

· Have the right to apply for the Canadian citizenship

· Protect their rights under Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedom

Besides these above rights, a permanent resident of Canada must follow and religiously follow all the Canadian legal laws. It has to be followed at all federal, provincial, and municipal levels.

Duration of stay in Canada

When a person applies for Canadian citizen citizenship then they must adhere to the rule of living for a certain period in Canada. The person must have spent at least 730 days in Canada in his/her past five years of stay in the country.

Though these 730 days need not be in a continuous frame. For tracking the time lived in Canada you may contact for the same. They make Canadian immigration a super easy process.

Thus, the permanent resident card is not permanent it can be diminished if one voluntarily breaks any legal rule. If you face any such turbulence then make sure to contact Cadway Immigration for their expert advice.

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